Why would anyone want to read this?

I set up this account about 3 years ago when I was really excited about the name and thought I had the foundation for a masterpiece and everyone would be in stitches upon every entry.  And then I forgot, and then I remembered. Of course by which point I hit a low in self worth and assumed a blog was too self-indulgent because “why would anyone want to read this? Nothing special about my situation” *insert wah wah wah sound here*

Then it occurred to me after being told several times this year that I need to “write this shit down” that hey, maybe I should.  Even more importantly, it’s not for anyone in particular other than myself.  It’s their own fault if someone stumbles upon it and decides to subject themselves to what can often be a pretty mundane recap of the “adventures” of a married with kids, lesbian of color who happens to be a special educator and photographer.   Oh yeah, with a sprinkle of ADHD permeating every perspective and commentary.

So here goes nothing… 


I think the backpack, acrylic nails, skirt, sneakers, and dykey haircut speak for themselves.